Call systems in higher security facilities, such as psychiatric facilities, require the implementation of advanced features to protect against vandalism and to provide accurate monitoring and reporting options.

Examples of sectors where this category of equipment is employed include psychiatric hospitals, care homes, prisons, police custody suites, magistrates’ courts, detention and remand centres. Our range delivers worry-free emergency communications for these environments.

Physically, these are purpose designed to be tough and reliable whilst remaining user friendly. At one end of the scale, a client may just be looking for a simple mushroom push button on a stainless steel plate. They may also require a key switch operation with led reassurance lamps and audible tones. Typically, these would be fitted with anti-tamper screws and a reassurance lamp too. Sometimes the unit would have to be fitted in a swimming pool as a distress alarm. In this case, and IP 65 rated version may be required. Psychiatric hospitals will often also require additional facilities such as ‘presence’. In this case, staff attending a room to answer a call will press the green ‘presence’ button on the stainless steel unit, which will alert colleagues to the fact that they have entered the room, also enabling a second higher level of call. They may also want speech versions too to facilitate speech between staff and patients. It may also be desirable to add staff attack receivers, portable alarm triggers and real time location features – all of which is possible with our range.

Key System Features and Options

Infra-Red Ceiling Receivers & Triggers:

  • Portable triggers – lightweight, robust & discreet
  • Provides exact call location
  • Different levels of alarm
  • Integral battery test facility
  • Long life rechargeable battery
  • Non detachable belt holder


  • Optional Fixed Point Panic Buttons
  • Can be stand alone or part of general distress system
  • Optional disabled persons alarms
  • Can link to pagers, sounders, graphic displays, CCTV and ARC
  • People & Asset location with staff attack facility


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