The advantage…

…of our platform lies in the fact that the different layers of monitoring work in conjunction with each other to create a safe foundation for the system. Since our system is based on circuits that are divided into independent segments that can be as small as a single room, any rule exceptions to normal operation will be immediately detected and will only affect the system locally. It will never disable the entire system. The advantage of this system is it can collaborate a local operating network and a local area network together. Not only does this mean a more secure system but it also lowers the risk of any unexpected costs in the future. This also makes upgrading and expanding the system easier with less disturbance.

RTLS and nurse call on one platform

Through the use of ID cards and badges we enable staff to locate one another easily. This provides the most precise locating technology available to healthcare staff, patients, visitors and assets can all then be located and tracked in real time to deliver workflow operational efficiencies.

Key Features

  • Safe & secure network backbone
  • Choice of displays
  • Extensive range of call systems
  • Nurse Call systems
  • Real Time Location systems
  • Staff Attack systems
  • Distress Alarm systems
  • Choice of LON/LAN set-up


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